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Antibiotic Free Farms is dedicated to helping people who care about the health and safety of their food supply, their own health, helping to protect the Earth we all live on in a socially responsible and effective manner.

When Too Much of a Good Thing goes Bad

Antibiotics have simply changed our world.  This is not a mere statement but a truth.  Before the discovery of the antibiotic penicillin by Alexander Fleming people died from what would be today, very simple bacterial infections.  Now a fact of life,  due to antibiotics, people live longer and have less chance of suffering loss of life and function from inflammation and infection.

Antibiotics have also fueled the growth of the global pharmaceutical industry which in turn has invested billions of dollars in research and development further paving the way to reduce morbidity and decrease mortality, pushing the average life expectancy in 1928 from 59 to 76 in 2013.  These examples of progress to benefit humanity could not have come without the help of modern medicine.

Paradigms regarding health and wellness have also been shifted as a result of the advent and availability of modern antibiotics. People have become accustomed to the speed and ease of treatment creating a culture of get back to work and get on with your job rather than stay at home and recover.

As with many things the advent of technology to do things better, bigger and faster begin with very good intentions but can lead to some very dangerous consequences.  Currently in the United States alone over 30,000,000 pounds of antibiotics in low non-therapeutic doses are fed to pigseach year.  That represents approximately 70% of the entire antibiotic production in the U.S alone being fed to pigs.  The healthy pigs are fed these non-therapeutic doses to promote growth and prevent illness and infection due to the conditions in which the pigs are raised.

Again, the desire to do things better, bigger and faster has left huge industrial farms controlling a majority of the pork production in the United States.  Unfortunately, these efficient operations have not only become a breeding ground for pigs but also a breeding ground for some very deadly “superbugs” such as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) which holds hospitals at ransom while it causes further morbidity and mortality.  Creating a financial burden of $29 billion a year to treat patients effected with MRSA and 100,000 Americans losing their lives to the ravages of superbugs such as MRSA.

The proliferation of antibiotics does not stop at the factory farm either,  it is invading our soil, water tables and even the Ocean floor and seafood !  In short the excessive mis-use of antibiotics is threatening the biosphere of human existence.

MRSA has been detected in nearly half of all meat sampled in U.S. commerce, according to the American Society for Microbiology. Most staph found in meat can be eliminated by cooking food well, but it can still pose a risk to consumers if handled unsafely or if it cross-contaminates with other things in the kitchen.

Research is proving the new resistant human bug appears to be spreading beyond people with direct exposure to livestock.  Initially cases could be traced back to livestock exposure, however, new cases of resistant strains are appearing that can’t be traced back. Prominent researchers are concerned that the strain is mutating and gaining the capacity to be passed from person to person.

In the U.S. the proportion of human MRSA infections due to livestock-derived strain is currently small.  However, in other areas of the world such as the Netherlands the strain is responsible for as many as 30% of cases of human MRSA.   In Denmark an astounding 50% of pig farmers now carry the MRSA.  Researchers now fear this data portends a major public health problem of potential global proportions if antibiotic use in not controlled in the immediate future.

As with any important topic there will be experts on both sides to express their opposite view points, show how their data contradicts and demonstrate how there is no problem at all.  What truly becomes the main problem is that everyone will disagree and assert their rights and beliefs and in the end nothing substantial will change.

We at Antibiotic Free Pigs want to suggest a common sense, low cost solution to this growing worldwide problem.  This solution does not require mandates, laws or debates.  It does not require the large or small farmer to spend any more money than they already are.  In most cases it will reduce their overall operating costs and increase their profits.

It is a very simple solution.  Our scientists have developed a 100% natural remedy to almost eliminate the use of antibiotics in pig farms.  Just like humans, there may be a time and place for the proper application of antibiotics in the care of pigs, for real infections and injuries, etc.  What we are talking about is completely eliminating the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in otherwise healthy pigs.

Our HPF Diet Supplement has been completely formulated using only organically grown natural ingredients.  HPF has undergone extensive testing to confirm the absence of any chemical or drug contaminates or ingredients.  HPF can be easily added to the pig’s water supply and has been documented to improve the overall health of the herd, increase livability through the strengthening of the pig’s reproductive system and immune system.  Unlike antibiotics whereby the antibiotic attempts to kill the bad bacterium, HPF allows the pig’s own immune system to provide for all the preventative care the pig needs.  The increased immunity is also passed on to the mother pig’s offspring creating a healthier pig from it’s inception.


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